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ForeverRAW Memorial Glass Drinking Bottle

ForeverRAW Memorial Glass Drinking Bottle

SKU: 21554345656

Our ForeverRAW Memorial Glass Drinking Bottle features a holographic sticker emblem on the outside protection sleeve and a collage of miniature pics making an overall full pic of the honoree of the Foundation.


    • Purity in every sip; Keep your water crisp and your juice delicious; Our drinking glass bottles are made of high quality glass for uncompromised purity
    • Leak proof stainless caps; No one likes annoying spills or leaks - our glass bottles with lids help prevent those! Each bottle sports an efficient, stylish cap made from stainless steel
    • reusable water bottles with protection sleeves; Each water glass bottle comes with its own protective nylon sleeve for added cushioning and insulation and so you can enjoy an easy grip
    • Designed for portability; We've attached a strap to the juice bottle lids and sleeves, so you can comfortably carry your glass bottle; Plus, its slim profile fits in most car cup holders so you can sip on the go

    There are No Returns or Refunds for this product. However we do want our donors to be pleased with their merchandise; if you have received a damaged product please contact us immediately.


    Shipping & Handling is a Flat Rate Fee included at Check-out

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