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On June 24, 2017 our family had to endure the most unfathomable life altering pain of our existence that words cannot describe. While having a family birthday party two officers appeared at our door informing us our son/brother, Rick A. Williams had been killed in a motorcycle/vehicle collision.

Rick was just 24 years old when a car cut him off making a left turn across his path and stopping blocking his lane leaving him no time to react and tragically ending his life. The news immediately depicted our Rick as having some drug or alcohol affiliation contributing to the cause of the accident and suggested that he may have been speeding, thereby making it his fault. It has been confirmed by the toxicology report that Rick had no contributing factors and that the driver of the vehicle, 38 year old Alexander J. Wall, was grossly over the BAC limit and driving with no insurance due to nonpayment since February. 


Rick was a Mechanic for Ford Motor Company in Smyrna Delaware. Rick lived life to the fullest and loved his family. Rick could be found fixing cars-his passion, riding his motorcycle-his enjoyment and attending car shows-his pastime. Ricks soul represents that of a giving, humble and hardworking individual who helped whoever he could. Having attended one of the top diesel technology colleges in the US and obtaining his degrees, we feel it only fitting to keep his name alive by doing what he did most, helping.


Currently we give away one scholarship annually regardless of career path in September at an Annual Youth Retreat that Rick attended. Our goal is to give at least two scholarships annually. It is also the drive and determination of this Foundation to bring change through a variant of community outreach events bringing to light the following subjects: "Drinking is a Freedom of Choice, However Drinking and Driving IS A CHOICE Affecting Someone Else's Freedom"; "Prejudice Against Motorcycle Riders Safety"; "The Dangers of Left Turns Across Oncoming Traffic" and most importantly "Drunk Driving STILL Kills". We aim to bring legislation establishing "Drunk Driving IS Intentional".


Unfortunately at present our case is a closed case by Attorney Axelrod in the Attorney Generals Office never seeing any chance of justice, nor any communication to us of it ever being heard in court. We were never contacted by the DOJ. Despite tireless efforts of our matriarch our family continues to go without peace in this indescribable act of evil, just bias politics and blame on our son/brother. Here at the #ForeverRAW Foundation Inc., we’re committed to the transparency of our pain and grief pooling all possible resources in order to further achieve our cause.


Since 2017, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and aiming to become bigger and better in the effectiveness of our efforts. Remember "Drinking is a freedom of choice; drinking and driving is a choice affecting someone else's freedom"; What if it were your son?

Please consider joining us with supporting our events, lending your resources,

or by sending a fully tax deductible donation check or money order to:

ForeverRAW Foundation Inc

P.O. Box 645 Bear, Delaware 19701

or cash app to $ForeverRAWfoundation

or Zelle

Thank You

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